Group SMS for iPhone

Do you often need to send text messages to a group of contacts at the same time ?
Group SMS simplifies your life, create your own groups, or use the ones you have in the iPhone address book, add the contacts you want, and when you want to send a text message, you do not have to do is tap the group, and write the text.


  • iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS
  • Require iOS 5.0 or greather
  • No internet connection required
Available on the Apple Store


Group of Contacts

Always keep at your fingertips your groups of contacts, you can create a new groups or use the ones you've already defined in your iPhone's address book. All without problems, for Group SMS is indifferent, it is done on purpose to assist !.

Rich of functionality

With a simple touch you're inside the group, , you can seeimmediately who are the members , in order to have immediate certainty of who are the recipients of your text message. From here you can also rename the group, add or remove contacts and, most importantly, touch a button to immediately send a message.

Simple and beauty

Group SMS is designed to make quick and easy a boring thing like send text messages to a lot of people. So we have dedicated time to make your life easier, such as the search function while you add contacts to a group, Do you want create a group of people who work in your company? Simple! Write the company name in the search field and then confirm the result of contacts ! Forget to scroll an entire directory every time!

Text Templates

Do not rewrite always the same message, save them as templates, and whenever you need it, will always be at your fingertips, you just touch a model, and after choosing the destination group and the work is done. This screen lets you know immediately how many text messages your message is composed, so as to keep under control the number of text messages you send..



Do you often need to send text messages to a group of contacts at the same time ?
You can do it with your iPhone, but sadly, amongst the many wonderful features that the iPhone has, maybe this is a bit flawed.
Every time you want to send a text message to a group of contacts of your address book, you must select the contacts one by one and this can be tedious and tiring.
This is where group SMS help us. This application is designed precisely to do that, if you do it for work, to organize evenings with friends, to manage the meetings of a team handled by you or if you’re a PR of a nightclub,
Group SMS will become your perfect partner, why? simple! because it does just what at the Apple they have forgotten to make it easy !.

Why choice Group SMS

In App Store, there are many applications that do this, but some are too expensive, or are cheap but offer very few features.
So this is where you choose Group SMS, Group SMS is designed to make sending text messages to groups of contacts in a simple, fast and intuitive way, you do not have coping with complicated functions, cumbersome or boring repeating the same steps for do the same here, everything is based on the immediacy
When you launch Group SMS you can see immediately your list of groups, one touch and you’re on the list of your text templates, and when you are ready to send a message, you just 2 touches! simple

Main Features

  • Create your own groups of contacts in a simple way.
  • Manage your groups of contacts easily, assisted with the convenient search function, so as to accelerate the process.
  • You can create text messages models that you send more frequently, so as to make it easier to send messages to groups of contacts
  • Include / Exclude members of a group each time you send a message … but only if you want …
  • Keep track of the number of text messages that you have sent through the handy counter
  • Full integration with the iPhone address book

Release Notes

Group SMS 2.0Released on Jan 23, 2012

  • New GUI
  • Quick access to functions
  • New feature in quick message compose
  • History and details for texts sent
  • Optimizations

Group SMS 1.6Released on Nov 18, 2011

  • Adjustment to User Interface … be more modern a beauty
  • Stability and performance improvement! now be quickly and stable !
  • FixMinor bug fixed

Group SMS 1.5.1Released on June 06, 2011

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a problem that caused the closure of the app when groups were present in the iPhone address book are without contacts

Group SMS 1.5Released on June 01, 2011

  • iPhone address book integration
  • Your iPhone address book groups are now visible ad usable to send sms

Group SMS 1.4Released on February 13, 2011

  • Minor improvements
  • You can choose how to sort your contacts into groups
  • Support for retina display

Group SMS 1.3Released on June 01, 2011

  • Search Function in add contacts
  • Possibility to send Model Template to a free number not in address book or in a group


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Price / quality very good. An application that does what it promises. Useful for holidays or for work
Italian App Store
Perfect app for those key groups of friends to multiple messages. Recommended
Italian App Store
Fabulous, well done, very useful, I did not think existed
Italian App Store
Excellent app! Does what it says and is very intuitive;) recommended for those who need this type
Italian App Store
Application really cool you can certainly improve, the developer is always available. With Group SMS is going to fill a large gap of IOS in a very simple and fast. This update adds more improvements! Thank you!
Italian App Store
Simple, convenient and easy to use. Perfect for those who have to send text messages to a group. But if you could also add email groups would be fantastic!
Italian App Store
The integration with the iPhone address book groups was what we needed! Absolutely recommended, app well done and easy to use
Italian App Store
Congratulations, I'd say good for those who use a lot of SMS like me, congratulations
Italian App Store

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